J & J Storage

21 Proctor Hill Rd

Hollis, NH 03049

Mail Address:  POB 703, Hollis NH 03049

Tel:  (603) 465-2920
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NH RSA re Self Storage Liens

Print out two copies of each document shown to the
right, fill them out as applicable and bring them with you.  Entering the required information beforehand will save time.
You will be keeping a signed copy.

Facility Information Form

Rental Document
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LOCKS - Check this before purchasing a lock


     J & J Storage facility is located at 21 Proctor Hill Road (NH Route 130) in Hollis NH just West of the intersection of NH Routes 122 & 130.  Facility is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  Units are mostly 10 feet wide by 20 feet deep, concrete floors, overhead doors and individual (provide your own) locks.

     Bills are prepared monthly on or about the 20th of the month.  Rent is due on the first of the month for that month.  Unpaid rent on the 10th of the month will result in the storage unit being locked out and a $10 fee will be added to the account.  No refunds for partial month if you leave early.  Rents are month to month.  A security deposit is usually required and will be refunded at the end of the rental term contingent on the unit being left in satisfactory condition.

     Each unit has one overhead light controlled by a timer.  No electric outlets are available in any unit and tenant is not allowed to tap into the light circuit.  No climate control is provided.

     Winter:  Tenants are urged to shovel the front of their doors during winter after snow plowing is completed. Snow does often build up on the entry way and melting may cause seepage into the storage unit.  Ropes used to pull down the overhead door should be tucked under the door when closing as they tend to freeze to the ground resulting in the inability to open the door.

     No hazardous material is to be stored in any unit.  Unit doors are four feet wide which does not allow the storage of motor vehicles except motorcycles.  We discourage winter time only storage of vehicles.

     A unit can be rented as follows: 

1.  Call (603) 465-2920 and speak to a representative. You will likely have to leave a voice message. 
2.  Download and print the Agreement in duplicate and fill it out ahead of time.
3.  Download and print the General Information form for your records.

We do not take credit cards.  Mail your payment to the Post Office Box.  (POB 703, Hollis, NH 03049)

     All tenants are urged to have an email address where you may be contacted in the event several of you need to be notified of something special where individual calls would be onerous.

Contact Info:

J & J Storage facilities are located at 21 Proctor Hill Road in Hollis NH.  Proctor Hill Rd is NH Route 130 which runs from Nashua to Brookline NH.  21 Proctor Hill Rd is located 0.2 miles West of the intersection of Rt 122 and Rt 130 (four corners) on the North side of Rt 130.

Call 603-465-2920 and we will get back to you.  Email:  JJ.StorageHollis@gmail.com

For EMERGENCIES, call 603-465-2920.  

The official mailing address is Post Office Box 703, Hollis, NH 03049.